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Litra Drone Body Mount

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Product Code: LT-LDBM

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Litra Drone Body Mount

Adjustable Drone Body Mount that is compatible with DJI Mavic 1, 2, Pro, Zoom Style Drones. Each package comes with 1 bracket that can be mounted to the bottom or top of drone.

Bottom Mount Position: In the bottom mount position 2 lights can be mounted on the left and right sides and adjusted to point to desired direction. If the drone has leg extensions, a 3rd light or additional camera can be mounted in the center of the bracket.

Top Mount Position: In the top mount position 1 light or camera can be mounted to the top of the drone. This can allow a user to point the light parallel to the drone in desired direction or point the light in upward direction to illuminate the underside of structures and objects ... even another drone! The user can also mount a camera in desired to direction to capture a secondary point of view during flight.

  • The bracket is made with strong, light weight aircraft grade aluminum.
  • The bracket is secured to drone with a sturdy custom rubber lock ring.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Litra
Weight 1.0000
UPC Code 710619490009
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