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FiltroCam Ravello GRAD ND Kit II (95mm)

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Product Code: FILTRO-FILRA95

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FiltroCam Ravello GRAD ND Kit II (95mm)

Graduated neutral density filters are pretty much only used by landscape photographers. They darken the sky during sunrise and sunset in order to balance out the exposure of the sky in relation to the foreground. (Without a GND filter, you’ll often overexpose the sky or underexpose the foreground when shooting sunrise or sunset scenes.) While it’s possible to replicate the effects of a graduated neutral density filter via HDR techniques, some photographers prefer to create their photos from a single image and often use GND filters in the field.

  • Magnetic graduated neutral density filter with nonthreaded steel filter ring
  • Darkens bright areas of an image, such as skies, while leaving the remainder of the frame unaffected
  • GND0.9 Provides up to a 3-stop reduction in light in selective areas
  • Soft-edged line of transition between the dense and clear areas
  • Useful for images that do not have a strongly defined transition between the sky and the foreground
  • Tempered, optical glass construction for shock resistance
  • Multi-coated to prevent internal ghosting and reflections

A circular polarizer filter is a landscape photographer’s most sought-after camera accessory as it helps bring contrast and vivid,
natural saturation to a photograph. Normally, a CPL is used for landscape compositions featuring water, snow, ice, blue skies, and
foliage as it can help darken the sky, remove reflections, and reduce unwanted glare from the scene.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Change filter in second, can be Freely Rotated at the same time
  • Optical Glass, Multi-Layers Coating, Shock-Resistant, Anti-dust and oil-proof, water-proof, multiple layers of anti-reflection coatings to prevent internal ghosting and reflections while further enhancing clarity as well as color fidelity.


Usage scenario

  • For landscape photography, it can highlight the level of blue sky and white clouds, or make the blue sky richer
  • Eliminate the reflection of water surface
  • Eliminate scattered light from snow
  • Increase color saturation
  • Enhance the effect of blue


This bundle includes:

  • CPL
  • Grad ND0.9
  • ND1000
  • Magnetic adapter rings
  • Front lens cap

Additional Information

Manufacturer FiltroCam
Weight 1.2000
UPC Code No
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