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Plasma Lights

Plasma lights, also known as Light emitting plasma (LEP), are a full spectrum light from infrared to ultraviolet. Videographers and photographers prefer using plasma bulbs because they have no moving parts and they do not need a fan which provides silent shoots. Plasma bulbs are incredibly energy efficient and provide light similar to that of the sunlight. These bulbs are offered in two colors, one in a blue spectrum and the other heavily weighted with red spectrum.

Plasma lights are becoming popular with most professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers looking for quality shoots. If you are in the business of making people look beautiful in videos and photos, you should definitely invest in plasma lights. Photographers and videographers understand that the quality of light used, really matters to achieve high end results.

Features of Plasma Lights

  • Offers a full-spectrum light
  • Lasts up to 30,000 hours
  • Low heat output
  • Do not contain filaments or electrodes, therefore, last longer
  • …and more!

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