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Hive Lighting

HIVE is recognized for its provision of highly durable and flicker-free lighting systems. The company offers plasma bulbs that are unpressurized, filament free, and electrode-less. As their products are also weatherproof as well as impact and vibration resistant, many outdoor videographers opt for this brand. As the brand also leverage plasma technology, this means that you get lighting systems that feature full spectrum daylight with perfect color rendering!

Why Should You Choose HIVE Products?

Not sure why many professionals are using high output HIVE lighting systems? Check out these few reasons:

  • Features revolutionary reflector systems
  • Fits both four- and eight-point softboxes
  • Perfect for still image and motion production
  • Adjustable color temperature
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Ideal for long throw applications

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Video Products 4 Less is a trusted reseller of HIVE products. Our company implements the latest web technology that ensures a secure online shopping experience. Apart from our highly competitive prices, our customers also get to enjoy free shipping in the United States. Our company is constantly growing and evolving as we strive to provide stellar solutions for ever-changing productions.

Whether you are conducting an outdoor still image shoot or indoor video shoot, we can help. We are your one stop shop for everything you need on set! Let the HIVE products in our inventory illuminate your set so that you can capture high quality content for your projects with exceptional ease.

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