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Articulating Arms

Articulating arms have an important role to play in the world of photography and videography. These are tools that are used in mounting monitors. Add to that, some of these mounting devices can also be attached to audio equipment and small lights. They are called as such because they have a series of joints that unite the pieces to make them work.

These tools are very important when one wants to view what has been shot from a remote location. In this case, articulating arms are used to attach monitors to the C-stand. It has to be pointed out that using articulating arms does not require any particular configuration. The most important thing is to use it so that it will give the user a better view of the image from the monitor.

Features of Articulating Arms

  • Provide quick and easy height adjustment
  • Allows independent tilt adjustment
  • A wide array of designs
  • No configuration required
  • …and more!

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