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Light Controls

Light controls play a major role in the world of videography and photography. It has a big impact on the quality of the final image produced from every shot. It can dictate the mood of the output, affect the direction with which the viewer will look at the image, and add color as well as texture to the end result. In short, it can make or break the video anyone is trying to create.

It is good to note that light controls these days are available in different forms – some can be used as an accessory to other video and camera equipment while others can be stand-alone devices that can work on their own to control light where it is wanted. To capture the best images possible and to convey the message you want the viewers to see from your output, your choice of light controls becomes a critical part of the entire videography process.

Common Types of Light Controls

  • Lighting stand prompter adapter
  • Lighting box
  • Header cable
  • Lighting plasma bulb
  • Scrim set
  • …and more!

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