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PC Sync & Hot Shoe Adapters

The mounting point located on top of a camera is usually referred to as a hot shoe. It can be used to attach compatible accessories such as a flash unit. Oftentimes, it takes the form of an angled metal bracket and can short an electrical connection betweenaccessory and camerafor standard flash synchronization. The International Organization for Standardization defines the dimensions of the hot shoein ISO 518:2006. At Video Products 4 Less, we carry top-notch PC sync and hot shoe adapters.

Features of PC Sync & Hot Shoe Adapters

  • Adds PC connection to camera
  • Adds PCconnection to camera without losing hot shoe
  • Adapt multi-interface shoe to alpha shoe
  • Female PCoutlets
  • Shoe mount or tripod socket in bottom
  • TTL flash metering full support
  • Pc terminal
  • Cold on top or hot on bottom
  • Locking hot shoe
  • Pin receptacle
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and compact
  • …and more!

Buy PC Sync & Hot Shoe Adaptersfrom Video Products 4 Less Today!

Since our inception, Video Products 4 Less has supplying top-notch video and imaging products to independent film makers and studio personnel. You can be sure that the products we carry are of the highest quality, from brands such as Cubix, e-films, Black Magic Design, FieldCast, and more. The PC sync & hot shoe adapters available here are extremely portable and fit neatly in all types of video equipment bags.

Shop for stellar PC sync & hot shoe adapters today and enjoy free shipping within the U.S.!

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