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Shoe Mount Adapters

There are different types of accessories needed when filming videos in different locations. In order to make things easier for videographers, shoe mount adapters were introduced in the market. This tool is responsible for mounting a monitor, a flash or other accessories on top of a camera. The bottom part easily slides on to a camera's accessory shoe while the top part has a ball head containing the screw that attaches to the monitor or accessory. It forges an electrical connection between the camera and the accessory attached to it.

In order to suit a camera's specifications, various brands introduced different designs of shoe mount adapters that amateur and professional videographers may choose from. They also come in different shapes and sizes making them an even more flexible choice for users.

Features of Shoe Mount Adapters

  • Different designs available
  • Includes different accessories for mounting
  • Easy to use and install
  • Very handy
  • …and more!

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