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Monolights are self-contained strobe units that include stands, power sources and reflectors. The main reason most videographers and photographers use them is because they do not require extra power generator; all that is contained in the head of the moonlight lamp. They are extremely versatile and portable when purchased with a case.

Monolightsoffer certain advantages in small to medium studios involved in small-product photography, fashion and portraiture. These systems have a wider range of adjustment giving better adjustability of modeling lamps and individual light levels. A production set can use as many monolights as they need and each operates individually without relying on others for support. This means that if a single unit stops working suddenly, the others will continue operating without shutting the entire system down.

Features of Monolights

  • Can connect directly to AC current or battery power packs
  • portable
  • Can be fan cooled or air cooled
  • Proportional modeling light
  • Continuously variable output
  • …and more!

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