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Power Packs & Kits

A power pack, also known as a pack and head lights, is a light that can only operate after being connected to a battery pack. These packs are a popular choice with most video and photo producers since they can be used for outdoor shoots. They allow videographers and photographers control the power lights levels connected to power packs. One power pack can be used to flare up and power more than one head.

Power packs are light weight and they can be easily carried to outdoor shooting sites. A power pack kit includes a battery charger, a carrying bag and one head. Whether you are a blockbuster or individual film producer, you need to invest in top of the line power packs and kits to support your production.

Features ofPower Packs & Kits

  • More seconds recycling time
  • Functions in TTL
  • Flexible flash head
  • High speed sync
  • Allows wireless operation
  • …and more!

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At Video Products 4 Less, we offer a variety of top of the range power packs and kits from well-known brands like Anton Bauer, Hive and Autocue just to mention a few. Our prices are unbeatable and our experience unmatched when it comes to video and imaging products. Video Products 4 Less founders have had more than 25 years of experience in the image production industry, and we use their experience to recommend the right power packs and kits to clients depending on their projects. You don’t have to pay extra for shipment charges within the US.

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