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IDOLCAM was founded in San Francisco in 2016 by Jason Lam, a fashion photographer and DIY maker, who was tired of the limitations of compact video cameras and at the same time couldn’t afford to hire a professional videographer to help him with marketing his inventions. Thus, he created the IDOLCAM and having failed his first crowdfunding attempt with a 3D printed prototype, that he created in his garage, he packed his bags and moved to hardware mecca, Shenzhen. He traveled to Shenzhen with limited funding and a dream.

After a year there developing a production ready prototype, he was successful in his second crowdfunding attempt and was able raise $150K to work on the next phrase of development. It took nearly two more years to perfect IDOLCAM to the state it is now. IDOLCAM is now a do anything, go anywhere palm size camera that gives video enthusiasts all the tools needed to produce powerful visuals just like the Pros. The IDOLCAM has been in production since late 2019 and it is just the start of this exciting journey.