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Tangent offers tools for every video editing enthusiast. It specifically has control panels that can help with various editing jobs including color correction, video editing, and video-post production. Among its products are: Ripple, an affordable tool that matches every video editing software; Element, an ergonomically-designed control panel to make editing easier; and Wave, an all-in-one compact solution for grading. In order to become more familiar with the various functions of Tangent Control Surfaces, the Tangent-VS has been launched to give anyone a feel of how it is to use the tool via Android and iOS.

Why Should You Choose Tangent Products?

Tangent control panels are definitely a great choice specifically because it:

  • Has a specific app you can use to be familiar with its line of products
  • Is packed with ergonomically-designed features
  • Updates the Hub every now and then
  • Is an affordable video editing option

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