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Softron OnTheAir Video 4

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Product Code: ST-3.A001

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Softron OnTheAir Video 4

OnTheAir Video 4 is a sophisticated playlist manager for use in broadcasting, for information kiosks, and concert events. It has been designed with an open architecture - open to import and play out a wide variety of different formats in SD, HD, and 4K – and open to support several different video PCI and Thunderbolt I/O cards and devices. Additionally, it is AppleScriptable and its playlists are in an XML format – allowing integration with existing automation system. Logos and graphics can be overlaid on all of the clips in a playlist – or on different single clips in a playlist. OnTheAir Video 4 is powerful, reliable and remarkably easy to use. 

OnTheAir Video 4 can be used for automated playout using its own scheduler, or it can serve as a clip store for live news operations, local broadcasts, or live shows. Schedules can be created weeks in advance. 

Thanks to its powerful Smart Playout Engine, OnTheAir Video 4 supports multiple video formats such as Apple ProRes®, AVC-Intra®, Avid DNxHD®, H.264, HEVC, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG IMX, XDCAM EX, XDCAM HD, etc... You can add multiple transitions between the clips (cross fade, wipe,...) 

With the Dynamic Graphics Overlay option, you can overlay dynamic graphics on top of your video very easily. 

Mix-and-match multiple codecs

Play multiple codecs, file types, formats and frame rates in the same playlist. Support for Apple ProRes®, AVC-Intra, Avid DNxHD®, H.264, HEVC, XDCAM and many more codecs. Multiple file types are supported: movie files (such as .mov, .MXF, .M2T, .M4V), still images or sound. (Check the list in the Tech Specs section.)

 Dynamic Graphics Overlay

Create stunning dynamic graphics in the free OnTheAir CG Designer application, import it in OnTheAir Video and select when you want it to play in your playlist. You can give a default status, and change variables, so for example if you need to add coming next, you can have just one project and just modify the text and the image used.

 Support for 8bit, 10bit and ARGB

Use YUV 8bit, YUB 10bit or ARGB pixel formats to match your needs. Depending on the output that you use, you will be able to select these pixel formats. When outputting to ARGB, if the device allows, we'll output both the fill and the key signals.


Add transitions to bring even more dynamic to your playlist. You can use either built-in transitions such as cross-fades, or custom transitions (made with your own movies with an Alpha Channel).

 Secondary Audio Output

Additionally to the video output on the selected video device, you can now also output to another available audio output on your Mac. Works with CoreAudio, so supports the audio devices that are available for macOS (including Dante or MADI).

 Schedule your Playout for 24/7 unattended playout

OnTheAir Video is in use by many TV stations worldwide as their main automation software. Thanks to an easy to use scheduler, you can schedule playlists to be played automatically at given time of days. Prepare your playlists and schedules in advance and let OnTheAir Video do the rest. OnTheAir Video can play 24/7 for days and days without having to worry about it.

 Remotely Controllable

With the "Remote Pack" option for OnTheAir Video, you can use a simple web browser on another computer, or another OnTheAir Video to control your playout remotely. The option also adds a "Media Browser", which lists all the media available for your OnTheAir Video, so you can see remotely what clips are available for playout.

 Actions for secondary events

Thanks to its flexible system of "Actions", OnTheAir Video can send SCTE35 triggers, overlay dynamic graphics (with the DGO option), control multiple external devices such as Charcater Generators, video routers, logo inserters. Actions can be triggered at any moment of a clip within a playlist. Actions are AppleScripts, so it is very easy to customize them and create macros to perform multiple controls with a simple action.

 Subtitling and SCTE35

OnTheAir Video is a simple to use software, but with advanced feature such as the support for subtitling (Closed Captioning CEA608 or CEA708 and OP47). You can embed the subtilting in the file, or use a SRT sidecar file.
The support for SCTE35 is very useful for add-insertion programs. You can either embed the SCTE trigger in your MXF file, or tell OnTheAir Video to trigger the SCTE35 at a specific moment of a clip using Actions.

 Supports NDI® Output

NDI® is an open, low-latency, video-over-IP protocol developed by NewTek, Inc. It uses a simple gigabit ethernet cable to transmit video and audio over a local area network between multiple video systems. Now, thanks to NDI®, you can transfer HD and 4K video over a simple Ethernet cable. There is no need for additional routers or even SDI cables anymore, further demonstrating the ease-of-use and reliability of our products. NDI® opens the world to a different way of doing video production and to an ecosystem of devices supporting the protocol.

 Stream on the same Mac

If you are a Web-TV broadcasting only to the web, you will love this feature. With OnTheAir Video and the Softron Streaming Pack in MovieRecorder, you can stream your video directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or your Wowza or RTMP Server. No need to have a video output device.

 Integration with traffic software

You can use the built-in scheduler to create your schedule and playout 24/7 unattended, but if you want to use your traffic solution to control OnTheAir Video, add the "traffic" option. Create your playlist (or log) in your traffic solution, such as Wide Orbit, and OnTheAir Video will import it and play it out. The traffic option includes the "Remote Pack" option.


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SKU ST-3.A001
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